February 2, 2021

12:00 pm / 1:00 pm



Recorded seminar:   https://wse.zoom.us/rec/share/ie20Gggs2TIphr6psNnGDfDfaH4mwof4NRk_ODpEtiiVlAnD3J2AcPnc8q-xUfGm.MtbmnMH9Y2VHU11j?startTime=1612285804000

Wiro Niessen, PhD


Erasmus MC


Delft University of Technology


Abstract:  The combination of big data and artificialintelligence are dramatically increasing the possibilities for prevention, cureand care, and are changing the landscape of the healthcare system. Among the AItechniques, machine learning, and especially deep learning is a disruptivetechnology, impacting medical image acquisition, reconstruction, analysis, andimage-based diagnosis and prognosis.


In thispresentation I will show the opportunities and challenges of big dataanalyticswith AI techniques in medical imaging, also in combination with genetic andclinical data. Both conventional machine learning techniques, such as radiomicsfor tumor characterization, and deep learning techniques for studying brainageing and prognosis in dementia, will be addressed. Alsothe concept of deepimaging, a full integration of medical imaging and machine learning, will be discussed.Finally, I will address the challenges of how to successfully integrate thesetechnologies in daily clinical workflow.


Bio:  Wiro Niessen is a professor in Biomedical ImageAnalysis and Machine Learning at Erasmus MC and Delft University of Technology. His interest is in the development, and validation of quantitative biomedicalimage analysis methods, and linking imaging and genetic data for improveddisease diagnosis and prognosis. He supervised 52 PhD students in these fields.He is fellow and was president of the MICCAISociety, and CTO of Health-RI,which aims to develop a national health data infrastructure for research andinnovation. In 2015 he received the SimonStevin award, the largest prize inthe Netherlands in Applied Sciences. In2017 he was elected to the RoyalNetherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. In 2012 he founded Quantib, an AIcompany in medical imaging, where he is now scientific lead.