April 28, 2020

12:00 pm / 1:00 pm


via ZOOM

Recorded Seminar:

, Apr 28, 2020

 Tuesday, April 28, 2020 at12:00 pm Eastern Time (US and Canada)

?Risk assessment of severeCovid-19 infection?

Mads Nielsen & AkshayPai
– University ofCopenhagen –

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Abstract: Denmark has been early and firm in constraint on the population that limitsinfection reproduction. Now, first steps in an reopening of society is takingplace with primary school, hairdressers, and research labs reopening. Theprimary guideline for the government in the opening is never to increaseinfection above hospitalisation capacity, and especially ICU and ventilatorcapacity. Whereas infection reproduction is modelledon a population scale,numbers for hospitalisations and ICU referral are much lower, and individualsare known to the health care system already fromtesting. Hence, there is aneed for a model for the individual of risk forneeded care. Our study includeall Covid-19 positive individuals that are referred to hospitals. Based on alltheir data in terms of medical history, drug prescriptions, lab results,treatment history, and imaging, we seekto forecast their risk of progressionto severe Covid-19 infection and needof care. We will describe the study, showpreliminary modelling results, and spend some more time in depth on analysis ofchest x-rays for severity scoring of Covid-19 infection.

Bio(s): Mads Nielsen is a professor in medical image analysis andHead of Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen. He haspublished more than 300 papers, has graduated more than 40 PhDs, is member ofthe Danish Academy of technical Sciences. He is cofounder of Biomediq A/S andCerebriu A/S. Akshay Pai is post doc in medical image analysis at Department ofComputer Science, University of Copenhagen. He is cofounder of Cerebriu A/S,where he is also Chief Technology Officer.