Since 1876, Johns Hopkins has aimed to bring the benefits of discovery to the world, developing and disseminating many of the major triumphs of human intelligence, and using that knowledge to understand and improve the human condition. Now we have the opportunity to combine the power of human intelligence with the power of artificial intelligence (broadly writ) to create a fundamentally new way of discovering knowledge for the world. We do this with an emphasis on putting grace in the machine: ensuring that the human-AI partnerships that we envision are directed towards understanding and improving the human condition. We do this with a holistic approach, building on our core strengths and integrating across the intellectual and philosophical breadth of the university.

AI at Johns Hopkins brings together a diverse (and large!) community of scholars and practitioners across the Johns Hopkins institutions. The principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion are foundational to our AI effort and inform all aspects of it. We see tremendous advantages to incorporating diversity of thought, culture, and identity, and we are committed to developing an inclusive intellectual community that recognizes and values the expertise, viewpoints, and cultures of all its members.